Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium is commonly hailed as a ‘magical metal’. It possesses many intrinsic properties that make it ideal for use in a variety of applications, including window frames. As the market for aluminium frames grows year on year, discover why homeowners are turning to this ‘magical metal’ for their windows.   Durability Aluminium is a sturdy […]

What Are the Most Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy-efficient windows can save you up to £115 per year on your energy bill. They also provide a range of additional benefits, including insulating against external noise and reducing condensation build-up.  Finding energy-efficient windows may seem like an energy-draining task. Thankfully, all windows come with a thermal-efficiency rating to make insulating your home easier than […]

How Long Does Double Glazing Last?

The lifespan of your double glazing will depend on a number of factors. Some double glazing might get around 50 years of use, whereas others may not last even half that. Because of the variation, it’s important to recognise when your double-glazed windows are starting to fail so that you can replace them. In this […]

Trickle Vents: All You Need to Know

installing windows with trickle vents

Homes are now better sealed than ever before as we look to keep heat in, reducing the need for turning up the thermostat. However, while this keeps us warmer, it can also increase the number of pollutants in the home, which is why trickle vents are becoming more important. In this article, Bridgewater Glass will […]