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Kitchen Splashback Buyer’s Guide

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What colours are your splashbacks available in?

We’re proud to offer our splashbacks in a wide range of colours. Our splashbacks are available in every RAL colour and any standard paint colour as supplied by Dulux, Farrow and Ball etc. We also offer a colour matching service. Simply bring us an example of your desired colour and our skilled technicians will replicate it and apply it to your new splashback.

Are patterns available?

Yes. We can add any pattern to your splashback. We can also print any high-resolution photos directly onto the splashback themselves.

Are mirrored splashbacks available?

Yes. We offer mirrored splashbacks and tinted-mirrored splashbacks.

Are all splashbacks toughened?

Yes. All our splashbacks are toughened. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is glassware manufactured to meet high levels of quality and safety. Toughened glass is up to six times more difficult to smash than regular glass.

What thickness are the splashbacks?

All of our splashbacks are 6mm thick.

How are the splashbacks attached to the wall?

We offer professional installation of your splashbacks with every order. Our technicians fix the splashback to your kitchen wall using a high-quality adhesive. In some circumstances, a batten will be fitted to the wall to support the splashback until the adhesive has dried and set.

Do they ever need to be replaced? If so, are they easily removed?

No, once the splashbacks have been fitted they do not need to be replaced. If you do wish to remove your splashback, we advise contacting professionals to ensure the splashback is removed safely.

What happens if the splashbacks chip?

Our splashbacks are made from high-quality toughened glass, making them extremely resistant to accidental chips or cracks. In the rare event that a chip does occur, the splashback should be removed and replaced.

Can they scratch?

The high-quality toughened glass we use in our splashback panels makes them extremely resistant to scratches. No glass is 100% scratch proof, however, and it is possible for scratches to occur, although very unlikely.

What is the heat resistance?

Our splashbacks are heat resistant up to 180°C.

How long (on average) does it take to fit?

The length of time it takes to fit your splashback panels will depend on the size and shape of the area you wish to have covered. Our average installation takes between 3 to 4 hours to complete.

How do you measure? Can the customer measure or would you go out to measure?

Our splashback service is comprehensive. Not only do we design, make and install your splashback but we also provide a free home visit and measuring service. Customers can measure and fit the splashback themselves if they wish to, but allowing our team to conduct every step of the process will guarantee a precise fit and unprecedented results.

How long will they last?

Our glass splashbacks last for as long as you want them. There is no requirement to replace them.

Why choose glass over acrylic?

Acrylic is much easier to scratch than glass. Our glass splashbacks are made from a high-quality toughened glass, making them extremely resistant to any scratches.

Why choose glass over tiles?

Unlike tiles, which are restricted to certain shapes and sizes, glass can be perfectly cut to meet any dimensional requirements. Plus, glass is much easier to clean than tiles; a simple wipe of your glass splashback will leave it looking sparkling new.

Do they require any maintenance? How are they cleaned?

Glass splashbacks benefit from requiring no maintenance. The strengthened glass is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Simply spray some glass cleaner and use a clean cloth to gently wipe down the surface.

Can it be clear and fitted over paintwork or wallpaper?

We offer clear splashbacks that can be fitted over your paintwork. We can fit our splashbacks over wallpaper too, but this isn’t recommended.

What is the buying process? Is a template made? (to take account of cut-outs for sockets etc.)

Our buying process includes a template that will be shown to the customer before any work is undertaken. This step ensures that any unique aspects of a kitchen’s design are accounted for and that our customer is happy with the design before we proceed.

General Hints and Tips

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